December 14th, 2005

Team Dollhouse Esses

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DAVID BOREANAZ- on preparing to work on Bones
ME CAST- On Alias Season 4 Trading Cards

I C O N S, G R A P H I C S, P I C S
ICONTESTS: harm__stillness has voting up
ICONTESTS:wes_stillness has results, as well as the latest challenge up
ICONTESTS:girly_gals needs more entries by Friday
ICONTESTS:dru_stillness has new challenge up
ICONTESTS:just__lilah is looking for members
ICONTESTS/ CHALLENGES: icon_spark has new challenge up
ICONS:Amy Acker Icons by jillrenay
ICONS: ATS/BTVS Icons in a multi-fandom post by by thesuthernangel
WALLPAPERS:Buffy and Angel Wallpapers
DAVID BOREANAZ- at the Billboard Awards