December 7th, 2005

sparkle cinderella

Wednesday December 7th

N E W S:
ALEXA DAVALOS- Reunion murder won't be solved SPOILERS!!
CHRISTIAN KANE- Kane gig close to selling out. get tickets here
DAVID BOREANAZ- Bones article
JULIE BENZ- Will be appearing on Supernatural next year

I C O N S, G R A P H I C S, P I C S
ICONS- 22 Angel icons here by nightcomes
ICONS- 16 Connor & Vincent icons here by static_empire
ICONTESTS- winners up at bangelchallenge
CHALLENGES- new episode- angel_epchall
COMICS- Angel and Spike covers preview
DAVID BOREANAZ- At billboard music awards

M I S C:
VM 02.09: Alternate ending news
More teaser gifts posted at btvs_santa
Find Angel friends- angel_fans
Community pimp- good_lilahicons
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